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Storage cage

Name: Storage Cage
Bearing: None
Specification: Customized to customer's needs
Laminate: None
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Product Details

Warehouse cage, also known as warehouse cage and butterfly cage, is an important logistics container in warehousing and transportation. Storage cage can be carried out by various handling equipment. It can be stacked on four layers to complete three-dimensional storage. When empty storage cage is stored, it can be folded and stored to save space. Simple operation, galvanized surface treatment, corrosion resistance outside the factory environment, long service life. The bottom of the structure is welded with channel steel, and the channel steel is welded with high strength steel bars. Cooperative handling equipment is widely used in transportation, handling, loading and unloading, warehousing and other logistics links, in order to reduce costs and improve power. There are cardboard or cardboard in the storage cage, which can be used to protect the surface of easily scratched objects. General specification, fixed capacity, clear warehousing, convenient warehouse inventory.
There are three kinds of storage cages in common use: one is used with wheels, the other is stacked with feet and shelves, and the other is used with wheels and feet.
Storage cage features:
1. Select high-quality steel by cold rolling and hardening welding, high strength, strong bearing capacity.
2. General specification, fixed capacity, easy storage of goods at a glance.
3. Surface galvanized, beautiful and antioxidant, long service life.
4. International standards can be used with containers to effectively improve space utilization.
5. Four layers can be stacked to achieve three-dimensional storage.
6. Surface environmental protection treatment, hygienic immunization, turnover, storage and recycling do not pollute the environment.
7. Effective operation can be carried out by using forklift, cattle, elevator, crane and other equipment.
8. Folding structure, low cost of recycling, is a substitute for wooden packaging boxes.
9. Wheels can be installed at the bottom of the cage, which makes it very convenient to operate in the factory.
Manufacturing technology of storage cage:
The raw materials of storage cage are Q235 material, cold-drawn forming material and channel steel reinforcement at the bottom to ensure the carrying capacity of storage cage. Then a semi-finished product network is formed by convex welding. After mesh fabrication, surface treatment can be carried out by galvanizing or spraying (most storage cages are galvanized). After surface treatment, the finished product can be assembled. The size of storage cage can be customized according to actual requirements.
The helical hinge structure ensures that the storage cage can be folded when not in use and reduces the occupied space. Hinge reinforcement structure is helpful to improve the hinge strength of warehouse. Channel steel is used to reinforce the bottom of the silo to ensure the carrying capacity of the silo. The metal reinforced structure ensures the stability of the stacking between the cages, especially the bottom structure, which makes the height of the cage stable.
Storage cage industry scope:
Storage cage can be widely used in various industries: die casting, casting, automobile accessories, motorcycle accessories, metal stamping parts, construction machinery accessories, metal products, pipe accessories, gears, bathroom accessories, lighting, furniture, toys, postal logistics, medical logistics, supermarket, catering, food, agriculture, remote and other product industries.

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